The DEX Lab investigates both basic and applied research associated with the design, development, and evaluation of human-centered technologies. The goal of our research is to find and establish the fundamental principles inherent in designing and improving interactive media that impact the daily lives of millions of people.

Our research aims to find optimal sets of design requirements for both users and systems, develop novel approaches for prototyping and evaluating new media across healthcare and education domains, and assess users’ experience with interactive media.

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Current Projects

Screen + Scene

Have you ever wanted to get more information about a character or scene when watching a TV show or a movie? How did you get [...]
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Dr. Kim Wins The Nevada Knowledge Fund - The Flying Orchestra

Dr. Kim won a two year of the Nevada Knowledge Fund research grant for a multi drone coordinated aerial robot musical performance, called the Flying [...]
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Dancing Drone

Dancing Drones! That’s right, those words can go into a sentence. By utilizing embedded systems and network communications to create a user-friendly interactive control system. [...]
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Paper Folding

Have you ever done origami or worked with 3D paper models? ERC wanted to take the same concept and apply it to the Las Vegas [...]
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Pig Project

Weighing a pig is an important task for farmers and stockbreeders. This daily task is done in various methods resulting in financial and timely costs. ERC is [...]
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Collaborative Networked Virtual Experiences for Nanotechnology Education (CONVENE)

J. Thomas (PI), J. Cho, Z. Lei & Si Jung Kim The goal of this research is to develop a new discussion-based interactive learning strategy [...]
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Completed Projects

Jump^2 Research

Jump^2  Research The research aims to explore the concept of “Healthtainment”, which indicates to the entertaining activities providing health benefits. Previous research shows that constant [...]
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3D Flow Simulation and Visualization - Heat Exchange

Mehrdad Mehrvand & Si Jung Kim  Computer-aided 3D simulation and visualization are important industrial art extensively used in many applications, including automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace [...]
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A Tele-social glove - A Tele-social tool

J. Kim, S. Kim, S. Back & Y. Choi A handshake is one of non-verbal form of social behaviors in which two individuals grasp one of [...]
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Empa Talk - A Physiology Based Video Chat

M. Lee, S. Kim, H. Noah & Si Jung Kim This research investigates physiology based human computer interactions (HCI) that incorporates biometric signals to HCI [...]
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A 3D Simulation of An Engineering Equipment

The project is to create a 3D flow visualization that shows the working mechanism of a turbine blade and a vane. It is to help [...]
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A Wearable Lullaby

A Wearable Lullaby Beth Hallman, Soomok Lee & Si Jung Kim Night-time confusion of dementia patients can worsen caregiver fatigue. A possible solution is a [...]
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Usability and Redesign of a UCF Touch Panel System

Usability and Redesign of a UCF Touch Panel System Alex Delesky, Shelly Welch, Seng Lee & Si Jung Kim Programmable touch screens in UCF classrooms [...]
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People Perceive Cultural Factors in Different Movies

A Survey on How People Perceive Cultural Factors in Different Movies Si Jung Kim (PI), Phil Peters (c0-PI), Graduate Students The project consisted of two [...]
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Movies Affect User’s Emotional Status

A Usability Study on How Different Movies Affect User’s Emotional Status Si Jung Kim (PI), Phil Peters (co-PI), Graduate Students This project was a joint [...]
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Interactive Color Palette

Interactive Color Palette Juan Valera, Younglak Jung, Joseph Reni, Amy Ju, Ivan Riascos & Si Jung Kim The Interactive Color Palette Project is a multimedia-oriented [...]
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Maquina dos Oprimidos

Maquina dos Oprimidos Pedro Silva & Si Jung Kim Online learning environments continue to grow in popularity, yet often fall short when emulating the synchronous, [...]
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Mobile Self-test Agent

A Design and Development of Mobile Self-test Agent Hee Jeong Kim, Byung Sun Jang, Beth Hallman & Si Jung Kim This project is about design [...]
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Online Course Development in Emerging Media

Online Course Development in Emerging Media College of Information Technology at Ajou university and School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) at the University of [...]
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Accessible Home Environment

Investigating an Accessible Home Environment for Visually Impaired Individuals with Coordinating Clothing Juan Valera & Si Jung Kim This research is about investigating an accessible [...]
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Wearable Interaction Projects

Near and Far Environmental Awareness System (NaFEAS)

Si Jung Kim, Tonya Smith-Jackson, Minyoung Suh (NC State Univ.), Kate Carroll (NC State Univ.), & Francis Quek NaFEAS is a garment-based wearable assistive technology [...]
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Ubi-Fashion (Ubiquitous Fashion Coordination)

Si Jung Kim Ubi-Fashion stands for Ubiquitous Fashion Coordination system that coordinates articles of clothing based on the characteristics of garments such as color, fabric [...]
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