Dr. Si Jung "SJ" Kim

Assistant Professor of Entertainment Engineering (download cv)
College of Engineering
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Entertainment Technology
Office: SEB#3249 (Office Location:
Office Hours: Wednesday 2-5, Thursday 2-4, & by appointment
Personal Web:

Affiliated Faculty

Prof. Robert Rippee (Director, Hospitality Lab at the International Gaming Institute)

Dr. Michael McCreery (UNLV Teaching & Learning)

Dr. Stella Sung (UCF School of Visual Arts and Design)

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Kyungkoo Jun

Professor, Dept. of Embedded Systems Engineering, Incheon National University
Research Interests:
 Panoramic Imaging System, Embedded Systems

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Mr. Yunhwan Jeong

Research Interest: UX Design, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Drone


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Silver Mendoza-Matute

I’m a incoming freshmen at UNLV going into Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, and being in nature. Sometimes, I’ll just be sleeping on the grass. I aspire to work in the field of Robotics after being influenced by mechanimes and games. More so the...Read More »

HaYaeJin Chong

Research Interest:
Robotic, Automation, and Acoustic Engineering

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Jehoshua Josue

Research Interest:
Web development, Mobile apps

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Chris Hambacher (High School Intern)

Research Interest:
 Entertainment Robots, Game Design, Web Development

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Vaughn McGill-Adami (High School Intern)

Research Interest:
I am interested in opencv, recognition software, and their real world applications.

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Su Jin Park

Research Interest: new media art technology and physical computing

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Edison Smith

Research Interest: Robotics

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Catlene Jeorgia Smith

Research Interest: Research in Biology

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Sandra Perez

Research Interest: Entertainment, Arts, and Social Development

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Armon Latifi

Research Interest: Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Martin Jaime-Viveros

Research Interest: Autonomous navigation and Lidar sensors.


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Randolph Huynh

Research Interest: Internet of Things, User Interface, and Web Development


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Nicholas Huynh

Research Interest: Internet Security, Web Development, and Technology enhancing Education


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Saul Mendoza

Research Interests:
 Entertainment Drones

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Tiffany Mata

Research Interest:
 Mechatronics, Entertainment Robots


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Previous Affiliated Faculty

Prof. Matt Dombrowski

Dr. Natalie Underberg

Dr. Micheal Moshell

Previous Members

Taewoong Lee

Leonardo Lourenco-vieira

Julio B. Figueroa

Joao Greg Bohatczuk

Daniel Barbosa Maia

Kevin Duong-Tran

Farhad Fallah

Stephanie Wirtanen

Maxim Sosna

Gabriel Quiroz

Daoyun Zeng

Guilherme Bersani, BA Digital Media

Jessica Naimo, BA Digital Media

Scott Joslin, BA Digital Media

Jae Kim, Medicine PhD Student

Amy Ju, MA program

Geoff Huston, CS Undergraduate

Beth Hallman, MA Digital Media

Joseph Reni, Iowa State University, MS Human Computer Interaction

Ivan Riascos, MFA in Emerging Media

Juan Valera, BA Digital Media

Pedro Silva, MFA Digital Media

Seng Lee Koh, PhD Student

Steve Della-Valentina, BA Digital Media

Darrick Reath, BA Digital Media

Steven Forsyth, BA Computer Science

Raymond De Jesus Castellano BA Digital Media

Alexander Delesky, BA Digital Media

Adam Matheny, BA Digital Media

Shelly Welch, MFA in Emerging Media

Previous Interns

Chris Hambacher (High School Intern)

Vaughn McGill-Adami (High School Intern)

Andrew Johnson (High School Intern)

Trenton Mulick (High School Intern)

Diogo dos Santos

Marcos Dourado

Victor Caravelas Souza

Hanmyeong Lee

Heungseok Park

Changhee Um

Soomok Lee

Wonhyo Lee

Younglak Jung

Hee Jeong Kim

Byungsun Jang

Jeonghyeon "Justin" Cheon

Previous Visiting Scholars

Ms. Ahyoung Jo

Mr. Ryu Gi-Hyun

Dr. Yousang Yim

Mr. Jaehyuk Kim

Ms. Chiyang Eun

Dr. Woo Jin Chang

Mr. Dong Ik Cho

Mr. Sung-Jin Ko

Mr. Won Goo Lee

Dr. Jieun Kim