Near and Far Environmental Awareness System (NaFEAS)

nafeas1Si Jung Kim, Tonya Smith-Jackson, Minyoung Suh (NC State Univ.), Kate Carroll (NC State Univ.), & Francis Quek

NaFEAS is a garment-based wearable assistive technology that integrates sensors, a database, and multi-modal user interfaces into a garment providing a user with an severe visual impairment (SVI) with the awareness of environmental landmarks that consists of primary and secondary environmental cues. NaFEAS consists of a Wi-Fi positioning engine and a RFID system that jointly collects all relevant real-time environmental contexts within the category of the near and far environment (e.g., object information, number of people and their names, today’s weather and schedules). Once the EUI collects all environmental contexts, the main computer compares the collected information to pre-saved wayfinding information in an internal database and provides the feedback in the form of environmental cues to the user for his or her activities through a multi-modal user interface. The types of user feedback are determined according to the type of information that needs to be conveyed.
Sponsor: NSF (PI: T. Smith-Jackson)