Korea Aerospace University Visit

Dr. Sam D. Haddad of HTCS,  Yoon Seok Chang, Ph.D./DIC and his students from Korean Aerospace University, paid a visit to the ERC Lab! It was great to have such distinguished visitors. At the lab, members are always excited to present their work and collaborate with others. Upon their visit, the ERC gave a demonstration of their Dronetainment product and Pig Weight Investigation. This visit was the inaguaral date of collaboration between the two universities in an interdisciplinary exchange program for UNLV and KAU- indeed some exciting times and programs in the UNLV College of Engineering.


ERC Dronetainment Demo
ERC Staff Gabriel Quiroz and Lab Member Maxim Sousa, “dronetertain” Dr. Haddad and Dr. Chang.
ERC Lab Visitors
A quick group photo with our special guests!




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