FIRE Honors Research Students

Recently at the annual FIRE (Focused Inquiry Research Experience) conference from March 20-21, students gave presentation regarding their own research in the field of medicine. To complete their research, the students worked individually with one or two mentors. The role of the mentors was to help these students to develop into well-rounded and experienced investigators and researchers in the field of medicine. Thus, these students will be better prepared for become practicing physicians. The HCI Lab’s director, Si Jung Kim, mentored Jae Kim on his research on gout. For Jae Kim, the topic was personal because his brother-in-law suffers from the disease. Discussing his choice Kim stated: “Watching a family member go through pain was difficult for me. I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to stop this pain.”  He created a preventative  device that measures uric acid for which he 2nd place in the M-1 oral presentation category for first year students.


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