Dr. Si Jung "SJ" Kim


Assistant Professor of Entertainment Engineering (download cv)
College of Engineering
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Entertainment Technology
Office: SEB#3249 (Office Location: http://www.unlv.edu/maps/seb)
Office Hours: Wednesday 2-5, Thursday 2-4, & by appointment
Email: Si.Kim@unlv.edu
Personal Web:https://faculty.unlv.edu/wpmu/sjkim
Previous HCI Lab on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/290420564312231

Dr. Si Jung SJ Kim received his Ph.D. in HCI and human factors from the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech with his dissertation “An Environmental User Interface (EUI) Framework to Convey Environmental Contexts In Interactive Systems Design“. Dr. Kim has multidisciplinary background in Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Science, HCI, Human Factors, and Experimental Design from his education and professional experience such as Samsung Electronics and HP Labs. He was the founder of Avatar Soft Inc. that was merged to Si-Gong Media Co. With funding from a variety of sources, he conducted various projects in interactive user interfaces, virtual reality, 3D applications, and wearable interactions. His current research areas lie in wearable interactions, multi-modal user interfaces, and augmented reality.