Jump^2 Research

Jump^2  Research

The research aims to explore the concept of “Healthtainment”, which indicates to the entertaining activities providing health benefits. Previous research shows that constant and regular jumping exercise has positive impacts on children’s skeletal development and is effective means of preventing osteoporosis. Jump controller as a device that demands children to do vertical jump while playing a video game can be reasonably deemed of the potential in benefiting those young players’ bone health. Our Jump^2 is designed in combination with video game play which is potentially a powerful motivator for user’s continual usage. Based on the two facets of the jumping activity in relation with bone health, our research will examine the degree of children accepting and enjoying the jump controller so as to predict the likelihood of them using it on a daily base and reaching the desirable results in boosting their bone health.

Previous contributor: Yao Zhou, Heidi Buehrer, Shabnam Sabbagh, Justin Cheon, and Scott Joslin

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